Adjustable Webbing Anchor for lines up to 120m long or 12kN pre-tension

The BaboonLock is our go-to webbing anchor. Solidly built and rigourously tested, this versatile webbing anchor is a must for every slackliner.


  • MBS: >40kN
  • WLL: 12kN
  • Main Diverter size: 24mm diameter
  • Locking Pin size: 12mm diameter
  • Width: 26mm – made for 25mm (1 inch) webbings
  • Materials: 3mm thick Stainless Steel Sideplates, hard-anodized aluminium roller, Stainless Steel back tube, High-Tensile Bolts
  • Webbing Strength Retention: Over 80% in most PES webbings (28kN with Great White)
  • Weight: 360g


  • Rounded edges everywhere to prevent any damage to your webbing
  • Versatility – direct connection to shackles and to our Compact Double Pulleys
  • Adjustable – possibility to pre-tension by hand to use less pulley rope
  • Non damaging to webbing – adjustable friction lock causes no damage
  • Lightweight
  • Sideplates can accomodate double webbing, 1.5 wrap and double wrap methods

Price: R500