Firestarter 35m




The Firestarter 35m Slackline Kit has been designed as a high quality, lightweight and affordable kit, for beginner to intermediate slackliners.
With this kit you can setup a line up to 35m long.
Quality components and a separate tensioning webbing ensure a longlasting slackline.
Great White webbing with a soft feel and radial edges make walking a pure pleasure, also great for bouncing and surfing!
The Roundslings are 50mm wide which distributes the pressure over a maximum surface area on the trees and combined with the tree protectors ensure no harm is done to the trees.
Please always use tree protectors 🙂
The included Roundslings are a generous length of 3m to be sure to make it around those big trees!

What’s in the bag:

Weight: 5kg

Price: R3450

NB! This is not a highline setup and should not be used higher than 2m above the ground. Adult supervision is recommended for children. Use at own risk.