HighlineGrip G2


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Highlining simplicity with this awesome piece of gear designed and manufactured by Andy Riedrich of SlackPro in Germany.

Super-lightweight highlineGrip G2 version.

Weighing in at only 385g, and allowing you to rig longer lines with less pulley rope, the highlineGrip is a must for every dedicated highliner.

Advantages of using a lineGrip

  • Pulleys can be removed for a pure, clean line
  • Less pulley rope needed
  • Rig multiple lines with just one pulley system
  • Easily un-twist your line
  • Attach leash rings after rigging if forgotten – this happens often!!!
  • Possibility to rig without a pulley system, using webbing pulleys (Linebuggies) – this method requires a soft-release

What’s Included
1x highlineGrip G2 with 8 kN work load
1x lineGrip-Shell (protection & cooling)
1x Instruction manual
2x Spare lineGrip safety caps

Standard Color
The highlineGrip standard color combination is “natural” (champagne coloured) with red clamping plates, as seen in the photo.

  • Made for 25mm (1 inch) webbing
  • Weight of only 385g
  • Made in Germany

For more details and complete specifications, please visit the SlackPro website.

Price: R3150