Compact Pulley System




The Compact Pulley System is a complete slackline kit for intermediate to advanced slackliners.

  • Compact, versatile, lightweight, strong and easy to use
  • Made for lines up to 100m long or 10kN pre-tension
  • High quality components
  • Ball-bearing efficiency
  • Embedded BoltBrake
  • Direct Pulley to BaboonLock connection


  • WLL: 10kN
  • MBS: 50kN (pulley system using 6.2mm Dynatech Rope with figure 8 knot)

Compact Pulley System includes:

Weight: 4.7kg for this *Base configuration

Price: R4850

Price excludes webbing and rope, please select desired Webbing length and appropriate Rope length.

Webbing to rope ratios:
16m of rope is needed to comfortably tension 50m of Great White webbing (+R1200)
24m of rope for 80m webbing (+R1920)
31m rope for 100m webbing (+R2400)

* This is our recommended configuration. Any custom configurations are possible, please email for details.

Tree protectors are not included in this kit, if you do not have any you can get them here

Please always use tree protectors 🙂